Sing Shalom  - The Efroni and The Sawa Choirs

Through musical collaboration we prove that music and singing help bridge cultural and ethnic gaps and let the human hearts connect. The Efroni’s relationship with the Sawa choir from Shfaram (an Arabic Israeli town), began in May 2003 with Maya Shavit’s initiative. In the summer of 2004, group of girl singers from both choirs attended the "Singin for  Peace" camp in Barcelona, and, in 2005, the choirs were invited to perform jointly, at the "Polifollia" festival in Normandy, France. Starting in 2009, the choirs maintain a musical relationship with Conductor Prof. Andre de Quadros, consisting of joint workshops and concerts under his direction.

A Moonless Night

This children’s opera was composed especially for the Efroni choir and was chosen to promote the performance of artistic music in the periphery. The Efroni went on tour with this show, performing many times in localities remote from Israel's cultural center. We maintain ticket cover price low so that all Israeli children may enjoy and benefit from cultural experiences and quality art.
Here is a short excerpt from the show - “Zohar can't fall asleep without the moonlight. She goes on a quest in the dark of night, in search of the missing moon aiming to return it to heaven. Along the way, she meets various animals and other characters, until finally, she finds the moon in a remote cabin of a lonely man, who united with the moon as a friend.”
"A Moonless Night" is a musical story involving an actor, a dancer and musical company, but the main protagonist is a children's choir. The children singers of the Efroni Choir tell, sing, play and dance the story that written by Shira Geffen and Etgar Keret.
Composer: Prof. Moshe Zorman
Stage: Shirily Deshe
Sponsored by the Council of the Arts of the Israeli Lottery Association

Should I Suddenly Meet a Lion

A musical performance and a children’s Album, in collaboration with The Efroni Children Choir.
Animal songs by beloved poets, magical and playful songs. Songs that have been patiently waiting unopposed on book pages, finally meeting uplifting, sweeping melodies.
Sold in stores, this album became an Israeli classic for teenagers. We are proud to be part of this unique venture that treats young audiences respectfully, making quality music accessible to parents and children alike.
Singers and Story Tellers:
Inbal Smadar: tunes, vocals and guitar
Tal Balacharovich: Arrangements, vocals and piano

Ethnic Enhancement - The Young Efroni and The Shva choirs

Initially founded in 1991 by Shlomo Gronich a leading Israeli musician, the Shva Choir focuses on musical education of and performances by children of Ethiopian descents in Israel. The Young Efroni choir began its collaboration with the Shva Choir in 2012. The two choirs were invited to perform jointly at a festival at the Jaffa Center of Peace, where they sang several songs from the Shva Choir repertoire, including "The Journey to the Land of Israel" and "Israeli Song". Since that time, the choirs continue to meet, collaborate and sing together. 

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