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The Efroni Choir

The Efroni Choir, founded in 1981 by Mrs. Maya Shavit, who served as the artistic director and the conductor of the professional choir for over thirty years. Throughout its 39 years, the choir reached impressive achievements, and is considered one of the leading children's and youth choirs in Israel.

In September 2017, Mrs. Shelly Berlinsky was appointed choir conductor. 

The Choir is named after a prevalent song bird in Israel – the Efroni, and set in Emek-Hefer (Heffer Valley).

Listening, tolerance and contributing to the community are some of the core values that our work is based on, driven by the belief that singing is a force that connects people and forms a bridge between cultures. 


The Efroni Choir sets the artistic bar high and aspires to continue to be one of the leading children's and youth choirs in Israel.

The choir works with leading artists and musical institutions to promote Israeli art and to represent Emek Hefer’s Regional Council and the State of Israel both domestically and overseas. 

We at the Efroni Choir are dedicated to the musical development of our singers, imparting knowledge and skills and exposing them to a variety of musical styles, traditions, languages ​​and cultures, while familiarizing them with the origins of Jewish and Israeli culture. We are cultivating the future generation of Israeli cultural creators and culture lovers.

Blue Bird

Blue Bird

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